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Rd 8 Sandstone

September 3, 2022 - September 5, 2022

$20 Adult (12+)
$10 Youth (6-11)
5 & under Free

Special Information:

  1. ATV normal points race on Saturday. (NO UTV RACE this round) Bikes normal points race on Sunday. Please note there are also team races being held over the weekend. See schedule for details.

Event Schedule


8:00 am Youth ATV

9:45 am Micro ATV

10:45 am Intermediate ATV
11:45 am Adult AM ATV
2:00 pm Adult PM ATV

4:30 pm Pit Bikes
5:30 pm Youth ATV Team Race
7:30 pm Powderpuff ATV race


8:00 am Youth Bikes

9:45 am Micro Bikes
10:45 am Intermediate Bikes
11:45 am Adult AM Bikes
2:00 pm Adult PM Bikes
5:00 pm Youth Bike Team Race
7:00 pm Powderpuff Bike race


8:00 am Intermediate/Micro ATV Team Race

9:30 am Intermediate/Micro Bike Team Race
11:00 am Adult Bike Team Race
2:00 pm Adult ATV Team Race

Special Race Event Information:
Micro classes for team races- senior, trail rider, ironman. Intermediate atv classes – 90 stock, 90 limited, trail rider, ironman. Intermediate bike classes – 65cc, 4 stroke, trail rider, ironman. (Micro and intermediate will race at same time but will be scored separately)
Youth atv classes for team races-300, supermini, 90, 70, ironman, family fun class
Youth bike classes for team races-supermini, 85, ironman, family fun class
Adult classes for team races-pro, a, b, c, Ironman
Micro races will be 60 mins
Youth races will be 90 mins
Adult races will be 150 mins
Team Race Pricing – Peewee $50 per team, $25 for Ironman
Youth $60 per team, $30 for Ironman
Adult $80 per team, $40 for Ironman
Pro Teams (adult class) – entry fee $150 team, $75 Ironman with 70% payback to first place and 20% payback to second place.
Pitbike and Powderpuff events – $20 rider
Remember this is a for fun event for our racers! You may register to participate in classes above your normal level with no impact on your normal points races for our series. MWXC can not guarantee how it would affect you with other series though.
Family Fun class during youth races will not be competing for placement. It is just a class for everyone to have the chance to see what racing is all about. Father/Son, Mother/Daughter, Husband/Wife, etc.
TEAM RACE RULES – Two man teams or Ironman by yourself. Must ride in class for level of highest skilled rider. Racers must switch every lap. There will be a designated switch area and a switch off task that must be completed before taking off (we will announce at the track what your task will be). You may share a quad/bike or you may each ride your own. If you use 2 quads/bikes they both have to be staged in the switching line area at all times. If you break down while on the track, be sure your ride is safely off the track, then you may run back up to staging area and take off on your partners quad/bike to finish your lap. Riders will be labeled A and B. No rider may complete 2 laps in a row unless there was an emergency/injured rider that was removed from race and staff is made aware of the change.


September 3, 2022
September 5, 2022


5961 E County RD 175 S
Bowling Green, IN 47883 United States
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